Diamond Buying

Purchasing a diamond is a big deal. Whether you’re buying an engagement ring or are looking to create your own unique piece for that special someone, you want to get the best jewels at the best prices. That’s where a diamond buying consultant comes in.

What Does a Diamond Buying Consultant Do?

A diamond buying consultant is an industry expert who assist clients in purchasing a diamond. They help to navigate processes, from the creative to financial aspects. Working with a plethora of designers from small to large, a diamond buying consultant represents themselves, not a specific diamond company. They go to places for diamonds that a regular diamond store rep can’t go, for the best selections. Whatever clients want for their special ring, they will go to lengths to make sure they select a piece that fits their exact taste.

Our Expert Consultants

Whatever type of ring or band you’re thinking about, a diamond buying consultant will find out all about your preferences, timeline, and vision. This is especially important for soon-to-be-brides. If you have a budget, we’ll work with it. We’ll ensure that you get the best, most sparkly diamonds according to your particular budget. Our connections help us fulfill your vision for your unique ring. Even if you’re looking for eco-conscious diamonds, our consultants can help.They’ll be there every step of the way during the design and purchase process to save you time, money, and stress.

How to Pick a Diamond

If you want to pick out your own diamond, there is a lot you should know. It’s wise not to choose the first diamond you see. It’s a known that many men are nervous about choosing a diamond for their engagement, and for good reasons! But if you go into the process knowing some things about diamonds, you should be good to go.

Pretty much everyone has heard about the 4 C’s of diamonds. However, knowing about them and really doing research on them are two different things. Simply reading an online article about the 4 C’s of diamonds probably won’t be sufficient research. If money isn’t an issue, then by all means, stop there. But if you want to find the best diamond and the lowest possible price, you need to go beyond those “C” characteristics.

The cut of a diamond is considered the most important asset that determines the appearance of the stone. The proportions are incredibly important when you are considering a diamond’s cut for performance. It’s all about light physics.

When it comes to customized rings with diamonds, timing is everything. If you decide you want customized rings, you should start the process months in advance of when you want your engagement ring. Customized rings take extra time to create but are worth it. Order your engagement time and wedding bands at the same. This will help your rings look cohesive, but also save time and money.

We offer years of experience buying, selling, and appraising diamonds. No matter what your budget, we are confident that we can find the perfect diamond for you for you or a loved one. Please contact us today for any questions regarding the diamond buying process or to schedule a consultation. We’d love to share our diamond knowledge, and help you to make an informed decision when buying diamonds.